Information under control

With espionage eyes able to access all kinds of confidential data through our computers and mobile devices, make sure you are taking the necessary steps to secure your personal and official information.

lf4e2vERIn quest for the tools that can effectively fill in some of the policies of the “NBS’s decision on minimum standards of financial institutions information system management” we have met the Tron-IT, company which,as a general supplier in our market, is introducing the innovation to solve this cruel problem.

It is about Information Rights Management system known as SecloreFileSecure from Seclore.

We still lack in sufficient level of awareness pertaining to various risks and consequences of the loss of highly important data and with that, a large number of solutions to this problem. SecloreFileSecure is one of the most reliable and leading instruments.

One of the biggest security problems in today’s recent information system is unauthorized outflow of information. Corporations are most exposed to this and due to certain complications and often ineffective controls, they have to suffer serious losses, or be exposed to an intense reputational and regulatory risks.

In this contemporary world of networking, it is easier to extract sensitive documents and data comparatively what we have encountered erstwhile. On the other hand, too much control, which often occurs as a response to adverse events, will certainly completely “choke” business collaboration and data exchange, ie. “circulatory flow” of any modern system. The solution to the effective control lies between these two extremes, which is not easy to bring into the practice.

Systems for the information flow monitoring within the company’s IT will successfully restrict access to the groups of employees, which as a result will have a reduced risk of fraudulent activities or accidental loss of data. However, once the reports, databases, or “simple” e-mail communications leave the protected perimeter, it is practically impossible to provide the maintainance of adequate control.

Tron-IT02Control of access or control of use?

Seclore, through its distributor in Serbia company Tron-IT, decidedly “attacked” this problem and is delivering the solution with its prime creation called SecloreFileSecure. It is about a complete security system whose task is to fully protect the information from the unauthorized and improper use, and to prevent it from getting to the wrong hands. Unlike similar products, SecloreFileSecure will protect the information till its existence, allowing even the control of its destruction.

FileSecure is a product based on the security policies which achieve additional control in relation to the “classic” security system with its extended categories – the “owner” of the information will not only  have the authority  to decide who  will access the information, but also  what, where and when one can operate  it. In this way, the “fate” of the data in different stages of its use is completely determined. For example, you can specify the option of printing the confidential documents by the delegated persons, but only on defined devices for that within the company. Also, any individual is able to define the specific  time frame of each of the (un)authorized shares, and can combine it with other restrictions – If the life cycle of the confidential document sent is 15 days from the time of publication, FileSecure will  automatically destruct it after a certain period. This type of control has its full potential during the information exchange with external partners. In the event of any changes in terms of cooperation, or the eventual termination of the same, one can easily “block” all the confidential information, and thus prevent its presence in the IT systems that are not under your control.

FilseSecure is a policy for:

  1. Defining  policies to control the use of information
  2. Adding the control of the use of information
  3. The control of the use of information management policies
  4. Checking of the control of information use

Seclore FileSecure solution helps financial institutions to comply with the requirements relating to: authentication, authorization, privileged access, and operating and system records, confidentiality, risk, audit, etc. Apart from the important improvement in comparison to the conventional security solutions, FileSecure is extremely important system from the aspect of compliance with the internal and external regulations, especially with security policies. Larger number of foreign companies on  domestic market require full compliance with internal policies, regulatories of the domicile country and the new NBS’s decision on minimum standards of information systems, so the FileSecure has imposed itself as a natural solution to control the flow of information in both directions.

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